Part 1: Beginnings

Gideon interrupted Asha by pressing his hand on her mouth. Asha wanted to protest, but he pointed at something moving among the trees. Gideon let go of her. Asha turned around to have a closer look. It was a black orb. The sphere lowered its flight altitude, passed between the trunks, and approached them. Gideon grabbed Asha’s shoulder and pulled her behind his back, raising his wooden buckler mere seconds before lightning shot forth from the orb. With an earsplitting noise, the bolt singed the shield...


Mysterious flying orbs have appeared everywhere. Who created them, and for which purpose? Accompany the thrill-seeking Batseba, "bookworm" Asha, the sword fighter Gideon, and Samyaza the mage on their search for the orbs' origin. Follow them on their first fantasy adventure from a dark cave to a pristine city, and through a lush rain forest.


It is a short read, without page long descriptions of every boring detail. If you like it and are longing for more - this is just the beginning!